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New Virgin Bundles offers and standalone broadband pricing goes up

Virgin Media has a new set of offers on its superfast and ultrafast broadband product range, the triple play TV bundles are now all half price for 9 months on the standard 18 month contract. Broadband and phone bundles are also subject to nine month offers.

The biggest change as the red hot sale has now ended seems to be that the standard pricing for standalone broadband has increased by £1.75 per month. Some careful maths is needed to determine whether going for the standalone broadband only option will actually save you any money, while the standalone has a 12 month contract product, over an 18 month period you would actually save £36 by choosing the broadband and phone bundle, but if you stay with Virgin Media long term and prices don't change in month 27 the standalone service starts to offer you a real saving of £4.24 per month.


Two things in life are for sure, taxes and Virgin Media BB price rises.

  • cks22
  • over 3 years ago

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