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50,000 more premises in Nottingham area to get ultrafast from Virgin Media

We highlighted how Nottingham North was the fastest constituency in August and if the roll-out of Project Lightning to some 50,000 premises in Nottingham area delivers we are likely to see Nottingham continue to lead at the top of the table for a long time.

Virgin Media has announced that as part of its demand led roll-out of its ultrafast cable broadband service that Nottinghm, Grantham, Mansfield and Newark-upon-Trent are all set to be the next new areas to get improved access to 152 Mbps broadband (rising to 300 Mbps later in 2015/2016).

"The early interest from homeowners, businesses and Nottingham City Council has been instrumental in Virgin Media being able to fast track our network expansion plans in the area. You can now help us to get ultrafast internet access to your home or business premise by registering today at"

Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media Chief Executive Officer

Nottingham already has extensive cable coverage with Nottingham East at 91.9%, Nottingham North 90.3% and Nottingham South 91.2%, it is Grantham (35.7%), Mansfield (77%) and Newark-upon-Trent (48%) that will stand to benefit the most from the roll-out.


Well done VM Keep on rolling as they say ;-) ... getting 160/12Mbps here on my VM 152 connection so looking forward to later in the year when it rises to 300/? + Mbps ...

  • djfunkdup
  • over 3 years ago

Yes and look forward to another few price rises to compensate :(

  • ZenUser27
  • over 3 years ago

yea i can handle that Mr Zen .. if i am entirely honest i think broadband is too cheap anyway so happy to pay more for the connection i have as it stands never mind the speed increase later in the year , but thats another topic . just glad to see VM expanding thats all ;)

  • djfunkdup
  • over 3 years ago

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