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BT Sport grabs 2017/2017 Ashes in battle with Sky

The latest rights acquisition is likely to increase the complaints about the existence of BT Sport, but on the other hand after a couple of decades of Sky dominance there is now competition in the sports rights arena, those increasing the revenue stream for various sports.

BT Sport is delighted to be adding international cricket to its line-up, and to be the new home of the next Ashes tour in Australia. We will show live domestic games featuring the best players in the world during the Big Bash League and all Australian home matches for the next five years.

Delia Bushell, Managing Director of BT TV and BT Sport

While the headlines are about the live rights for the 2017/18 Australia vs England Ashes, they also have the rights to 35 KFC Big Bash League matches and Australian Test Matches, One Day Internationals and T20 Internationals played in Australia. There will also be a free-to-air rights set of daily highlights for international matches.

The rights package is reported to have cost some £80m which BT Retail will be hoping to recoup from the ongoing sale of BT Sport packages to pubs and clubs, in addition to the sale of HD and UHD premium packages to BT Broadband customers, as well as the wholesale agreements with operators like Virgin Media.


Competition is relentlessly driving up prices.

We watch a lot of sport on TV, but no more than we used to a few years ago (before BT Sport started). However, to watch the matches we want to watch we now have to subscribe to both Sky Sports AND BT Sports, which has more than doubled our sports TV subscription charges.

It may or may not actually be so, but as Sky broadband subscribers, we cannot help but feel that in subscribing to BT Sports we are paying over the odds to subsidise BT broadband customers.

  • JPL
  • over 5 years ago

Sky "hoist by their own petard" then !
Rapidly Sky Sports is becoming a non starter unless you are a rabid footy fan -I'll certainly think hard about it at the end of my current discounted deal.

  • over 5 years ago

@JPL "subscribing to BT Sports we are paying over the odds to subsidise BT broadband customers." This is little different to what you are doing when paying Sky.

  • MCM999
  • over 5 years ago

@JPL - at least with Virgin TV-XL package (if you have the option), BT sports is included "as standard"

  • japitts
  • over 5 years ago

This sorry mess has come about because the EU in its wisdom decreed that there should be coompetition in the pay tv industry.
Please can we have our monopoly back so that this relentless bidding up of contracts can end?

  • 961a
  • over 5 years ago

It's all very well BT getting all these sporting rights but I would suggest that they actually make their online player function properly first.

  • jimtrim
  • over 5 years ago

You have people power - USE IT and dump your subs! Like many, I can watch ANY sport event from worldwide providers, ANY movie or documentary and don't pay a penny to anyone apart Line and unlimited fibre, both contract tie-in free.

  • professor973
  • over 5 years ago

Looks like BT line rental will soon be £19.99 per month :P
No wonder BT promote cheaply priced BB+LR packages for new customers and make it expensive if you want/or can even get standalone BB from them.

  • 21again
  • over 5 years ago

Go on then professor973, tell us all how you do that please.

  • jonlodge
  • over 5 years ago

@jonlodge I have been banned here for JUST mentioning it on the main site. A Google search for free sport will bring many sites like stream2watch, crickfree.sxor just to mention 3. Cannot believe anybody cannot search for these sites in this day and age.

  • professor973
  • over 5 years ago

Or Docs Movies I am not one of the 10 million that support Sky et al.

  • professor973
  • over 5 years ago

competition fails ni the TV market big time, as sky will stubbornly keep prices high even tho they losing content, and it just creates bidding wars as we are seeing. Sky with their obsession with EPL coverage are losing lots of other sports now due to over paying for EPL rights.

  • chrysalis
  • over 5 years ago

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