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TalKTalk UFO lands in more of York

With the TalkTalk Ultra Fibre Optic (UFO) project now landed in three different zones across York we have added the roll-out to the postcode checker that we run.

The TalkTalk FTTH roll-out in York is a joint venture with CityFibre and Sky and builds on the extensive fibre network that CityFibre has built across the city and is meant as part of a trial to deliver FTTH to some 20,000 homes in the city.

A key driver that will influence take-up is that the FTTH product from TalkTalk is exactly the same price as their existing ADSL2+ products, i.e. an up to 940 Mbps service is £21.70 per month (£5 ADSL2+ and £16.70 voice line rental) and is actually cheaper than the FTTC service they offer over the Openreach network.

The three areas where TalkTalk say they have landed with the network appear to comprise some 6.5% of the households in York and once the other coming soon areas switch to landed we will add them to our checker. York already had 40.9% Virgin Media cable availability, and 8.1% of premises where Openreach native FTTP was available and when combined with FTTC gave a figure of 86.8% at 30 Mbps or faster. The UFO coverage does overlap with some of the superfast coverage that exists so will not be a simple 6.5% addition to the coverage levels.

We don't believe the network has actually gone up and down all various streets as yet, so it will be interesting to get reports from people in the area on where the work is on-going and we await with great expectation speed tests pushing into the 800 Mbps and beyond region.


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