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Bulldog goes shopping

Alcatel has issued a press release today detailing a deal with Bulldog to supply DSL/network hardware for Bulldogs rollout of ADSL and SDSL services in the South East of England.

The kit in question for the train spotters out there is the Alcatel 7300 ASAM, Alcatel 7670 Routing Switch Platform and Alcatel 5620 Network manager to manage the core network.

Bulldog only last week were mentioned as co-partners with BT in the testing of SDSL later this year in London. Alcatel are saying that this hardware contract is to allow Bulldog to carry out a commercial service launch late in 2002, of which the first phase is to provide DSL based broadband to 600,000 homes and businesses in the Central London area.

Bulldog in the past has been highly critical of BT and its ADSL services - now the time is coming for Bulldog to match the bark with deeds.

The announcement of another service based in Central London is bound to enrage people who live outside of the M25, which is around 90% of people, the vain hope is that if the service goes well in London that they may extend to areas of the country where there is little competition at the moment.


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