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£5.3 million of clawback to boost Cambridgeshire superfast broadband coverage

Claw back has come back for another bite, the project for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have announced BT is putting £5.3 million back into the pot for re-investment through the claw back (gain share) mechanism now that they are working to a 30% take-up estimate commercially rather than the original 20% when projects were signed.

Superfast broadband coverage in Cambridgeshire has already risen from 80.3% to 86.1% (30 Mbps or faster) during 2015 and Peterborough has climbed from 87.1% to 91.8%.

The sum of £5.3 million could well be enough to provide additional superfast coverage for another 3% to 6% of the project area and as the project is already aiming for 95% superfast coverage at some point in 2017 there is an outside chance that residents and businesses may be looking at very very close to 100% superfast broadband coverage once the phase 1 and phase 2 and re-investment work is complete.

The coverage figures in this article are all based on a 30 Mbps superfast target speed, the project itself is working towards the lesser 24 Mbps target, where current coverage is 0.3% higher in Peterborough and 1.1% in Cambridgeshire and there is 1.4% coverage with Openreach native FTTP/FTTH.


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