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Where DCMS is spending broadband money

ISPreview has pulled out the various marketing costs that DCMS has declared as part of the transparency that is part of the day to day workings of UK Government where all DCMS spending over £25,000 is declared and while it is fair to say the money spent will upset some people, this has to be balanced against the need to make the Super Connected Cities voucher scheme more visible to the SME sector where the vast majority are concentrating on their day to day business rather than obsessing over broadband like we do.

What is interesting and not many will have seen this before is that the grants for things like the final 5% pilots, city Wi-Fi schemes and amounts given out through the Connected Cities scheme also feature (declared spending for Feb 2015, access other months at So we know for example that in February 2015 a milestone payment of £1,494,244 was made to Cumbria County Council as part of the BDUK roll-out, Call Flow Solutions received £36,097 as a capital grant for their final 5% superfast pilot project, Cambridgeshire County Council received £26,649 as part of the Super Connected Vouchers scheme and a much larger sum of £470,041 as a grant for public WiFi access in 100 public buildings.

Update 4pm The Internet Service Provider's Association has sent out a statement on the spending which we have included below:

"ISPA members are transforming communities with their superfast broadband investments and Government is supporting these efforts with its investment in the hardest-to-reach areas. Superfast broadband has major benefits to consumers and businesses, so we welcome Government efforts to raise awareness and increase take up from one of the many providers in the market.

ISPA Statement on BDUK Marketing Spend


"investment in the hardest-to-reach areas" what utter crap. This has been from the very start a numbers game by the government and councils. Hardest-to-reach areas have been left to fend for themselves.

  • galacticz00
  • over 4 years ago

I wish thy would watch the money they have spent on one of their "last 5%" projects In N Yorkshire. Funds awared June 2014 but still no sign of a trial start. The trial could be meaningles as many places will not wait for this technology to be tried but go other ways.

  • rjohnloader
  • over 4 years ago

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