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The first week of the demand tracker

The tracker has been running for 5 days properly now, and from some IT news site articles, you are led to believe that you currently can't register via ISPs. Certainly that is the impression given by who posted late on Thursday, that a reader was told by Nildram to call back in a few days, when in reality Nildram has being submitting registrations for some days and these are now starting to show on the tracker at Users are also finding they can register via a number of ISPs - Vispa, Zen, BTopenworld, Claranet and FreeUK.

Even more concerning is the comments from the ISP Elite "I tried to register through Elite in Manchester which was listed on BT's site but they said although they'd read about the scheme in the press, they didn't realise they had to do anything about it." in the Silicon article. The ISPs we have talked to confirmed that BT told the ISPs about the new scheme the day of or the day after the press release, so ISPs should have had time at least to tell the people manning the phones to take details from callers even if they didnt have an automated process up in time for the 1st July launch.

Whilst no-one really likes the tracker it seems we are stuck with it, and if we don't try and make it work then ADSL will remain on just the exchanges it is now. In terms of results so far, people are seeing levels creeping up generally around the 1-6 area, a couple of exchanges managing 55-60. The checker itself generally appears to lag around 24-48 hours behind the data getting entered by ISPs, so give it time before worrying that your vote isn't appearring.

The race is on now to see who can break their thermometer and actually get the ADSL kit installed at the exchange.


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