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Easynet LLU is out of the pit lane

Easynet LLU exchanges are growing, and they have plans to expand the network of exchanges to perhaps 100 by the end of 2002.

In a press release yesterday they detailed that they have unbundled 54 exchanges since October 2001 servicing 385 business customers, and have orders on the books to raise this total to 680. Easynet also provide services on the 1,115 BT ADSL exchanges and has 5,161 customers on those exchanges.

The range of services Easynet provide is very different to the BT services, and is blatantly aimed at the business sector with xDSL services right up to 8Mbps. The high speeds are made possible by running the DSL on a dedicated copper line, i.e. without a voice service.

Easynet has finally done something that people have wanted to see for some time, a breakdown of the costs involved in running an xDSL service. They have published a case study of the Battersea exchange:

Customers: 48
Average annual price to customer £1500
Setup fee £130
Total revenue from customers £78,240
Operating expenses for exchange £31,000
Gross Margin £47,240
Capital expenditure on exchange £90,000

So from those figures it looks like Easynet will be onto a winner at Battersea after around 2 years.

Easynet are also saying that home users should keep their eyes open for a possible product in the future. For those people who are interested in getting Easynet to unbundle their exchange, it needs to be within 15km of the Easynet network and show demand for 50 or more business customers.


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