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Virgin Media ends its Hottest Sale Ever but new offers replace it

Virgin Media which is the dominant ultrafast broadband provider in the UK may have just finished with its previous sale on broadband, broadband and phone and triple play bundles but it has replaced them with a variety of new offers.

Many of the previous offers offered a reduced price for 12 months, with periodic bursts of rewards or free gifts on the triple play products, the new offers vary a lot more in the time frame where you can get a reduced price.

The most popular triple play bundles are now half price or better for six or nine months on an 18 month contract. The Big Kahuna standard pricing has risen to £52/month from £49/month and Big Daddy has broken the £100 barrier at £104.50 for its standard price.

Broadband and phone bundles have 9 month offer periods and the standalone broadband products continue to only have the occasional offer but do carry the advantage of being one of the few broadband packages where no voice line rental needs to be paid, but you need to do the maths with the comparable broadband and phone bundles to determine which is the best value for you.


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