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ASSIA and BT agree truce in patent battle

Remember the headlines over BT having to turn off DLM - in reality just some features had to be tweaked, now some 8 months after that original item settlement terms have been reached between ASSIA and BT in a case that actually dates back to 2011.

"The settlement provides that the parties will cross-license portions of their patent portfolios. In addition, the parties will each stipulate to the dismissal of all pending matters in the UK High Court and associated appeals, termination of several proceedings in the European Patent Office in which the parties had challenged the validity of each other’s patents, and dismissal of patent infringement litigation brought by BT against ASSIA in the United States."

'We are pleased that we have been able to resolve the issues with BT' said ASSIA Chairman and CEO John M. Cioffi.

'Both BT and ASSIA are pleased to end this long running dispute to the mutual satisfaction of both parties' said BT’s Managing Director of Service Strategy & Operations, Mike Galvin.

Extract from press release on Litigation Settlement

Once we have figured out what the changes might mean for the average user we will let you know.


Cross-licensing, the standard way for large companies to end patent disputes - of course if you're not a large company, tough luck.

  • Spud2003
  • over 3 years ago

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