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Chat Log with BT CEO Ben Verwaayen - Now Available

The log for the chat hosted between ADSLguide and BT's CEO Ben Verwaayen on Tuesday 2nd July is now available.

The chat originally developed from forum users asking for the opportunity to put questions to the BT CEO Ben Verwaayen shortly after BT announced the new tracker demand system. The chat took place in BTs Newgate offices with the CEO himself using an ADSL line and doing all his own typing to answer questions from the users who attended.

Ben Verwaayen proved to be truly willing to take on the challenge and we feel that he has the vision to drive BT forward to both a profitable and broadband-enabled future. The chat session itself has not resulted in ground breaking advances for those without ADSL at present, but it is a very large move in the right direction. Who would have thought just 18 months ago that a BT CEO would happily take part in an online chat with customers.

Prior to the chat, over 100 questions were logged by people who would be unable to make the session, each of these has been passed onto BT who will look into each question and have said that they will reply to those people who have asked for a personal response.

The session ended with Mr Verwaayen saying he would be more than happy to have another session in the future. Certainly as the demand tracker gets going it should raise more questions and concerns on the rollout of ADSL across the UK that are best answered from the people at the top.


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