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Sky increases ADSL2+ voucher deal from £50 to £100

Sky has brought its £100 voucher reward back in the form of an M&S e-voucher for those signing up to is ADSL2+ service and don't take a TV service. The offer expires on 30th July 2015.

For those already with Sky TV who are looking at migrating to Sky on ADSL2+, you can still get the 12 months free broadband, just no vouchers at this time.

The voucher is addition to the 12 months of free broadband (standard price £10 per month) on a 12 month contract, voice line rental needs to be paid to Sky at £16.40 per month of course.

The existing 12 months free fibre service (25GB usage allowance - just pay voice line rental) and the half price unlimited fibre (both are up to 38 Mbps download, up to 9.5 Mbps upload products) broadband deals continue until 25th September 2015.


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