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Broadband relegated to page 68 of Summer Budget

The Summer Budget held the potential to set out Conservative broadband plans for the next few years, but it looks like it is business as usual beyond a small paragraph on page 68 of the full budget document that was not even mentioned in the speech itself.

"1.318 To support connectivity in the South West, the government will allocate up to £10 million to the broadband programme from April 2016. The fund will be available for local projects to bid into, with priority given to those delivering ultrafast speeds of 100mbps and above. Broadband Delivery UK will start working with local projects immediately to determine the most effective way of delivering this support."

Sole mention of broadband in Budget

Given the political football that now exists with Devon and Somerset one can only presume this is money aimed at Cornwall which with its availability of native FTTP at 27.5% (native FTTP offers 40 Mbps to 330 Mbps connection options) is already doing very well for ultrafast coverage as a distinctly rural part of the country.

There is a very small possibility that this extra money and the phrasing may point to a more hands on approach by the BDUK and Westminster in the CDS project area, the extra funding and speed being a teaser to get district councils back around the negotiating table with people like BT and/or Gigaclear.


Given Cornish plans exist for 99% coverage (phase 1 for fibre coverage, phase 2 for super fast coverage, but delayed), this must be either
- for Cornwall's last 1%, or
- to speed Cornwall's progress
- for CDS

I'm guessing CDS, personally.

Further, I'm guessing that the CDS issue will resolve with BT getting a chunk for what they can do in 2017-18, and Fixed Wireless the rest ... forcing them to work together. Hands-on might be right.

  • WWWombat
  • over 3 years ago

I think CDS too.
The 100Mbps bit is interesting suggesting the powers that be are at least coming to realise that the a good chunk of the final 10%, long term, would be better served with full fibre.

  • ahockings
  • over 3 years ago

So what aren’t areas with similar problems like Shropshire getting a government handout ?

  • JacktheMac
  • over 3 years ago

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