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Plusnet to increase voice line rental from 2nd September

PlusNet is bucking the inflation trend and is putting up voice line rental to £16.99 per month, which means it will match BT and Virgin Media. A note in the providers price guide details the price rises which kick in on 2nd September 2015. The changes largely affect the voice side of things.

  • Voice line rental at £16.99 per month from either £15.99 or £15.95
  • 12 months line rental saver increasing to £185.88 from the current £155.88.
  • Evening and Weekend inclusive calls package rising £1 to £3 per month.
  • Anytime calls rising £1 to £6 per month.
  • Call set-up fee will be 16p, rise of 1p.
  • 01, 02 and 03 calls outside any bundle rising to 10p per minute
  • Calls to mobiles rising to 13p per minute.
  • P&P on routers increases to £6.99.
  • Early termination charges will change, but depends on your exact package.

Following the Ofcom rules those affected should receive notification over the next few weeks to notify them of the price changes and already on our forums we are seeing people planning to renew their line rental saver ahead of the changes to make the most of the current price.

The baseline WLR product has actually gone down in price this year by 13p and now PlusNet line rental is more expensive than Sky and TalkTalk (TalkTalk recently put up the price of its broadband products rather then line rental). The new switching rules have so far not generated much noise, but with migrating away not needing you to contact the old provider customers unhappy with price rises may be lost more easily with the new rules.

The convergence of all the voice products (apart from a handful of smaller operators) to almost the same price point suggests that competition is not working very well and if the single order GEA-FTTC service appears that mergers basic copper maintenance costs into the FTTC rental price eventually appears it may prove popular with those who now don't use the voice line, price sensitivity is such that even if just £2 a month cheaper it could prove popular.

Whether others will jump on the line rental band wagon is a big unknown, often it is BT Retail that sets the lead and everyone else then can safely increase theirs while still claiming to be cheaper than BT in any marketing.


Now PlusNet's growing into the Big League, this may be inevitable. Or it might be owner BT requiring these rises 'to see what happens'.

  • davidinnotts
  • over 3 years ago

Alas, Plusnet is no longer very competitive. I guess their owner, BT, is squeezing them for more revenue to fund the outrageous prices paid for sport, most recently their exclusive Champions league deal, where they outbid ITV, I recall.

This continues the inexorable rise in fixed line rental. In 2006, when Ofcom removed the cap on line rental, BT charged just £11.50/month. Ofcom claimed that there was now sufficient competition so they could remove the cap. Result: 48% increase in line rental. Well done, yet again, Ofcom. Who do they really represent? Doesn't seem to be the public.

  • wbjb
  • over 3 years ago

No, OFCOM's only role is to justify its own useless existence and boost the profits of large companies at the expense of the consumer.
With their latest imposed changes from July involving the creation of 'access charges'to 084 numbers they have overnight removed the ability to make cheap calls using 084 prefix codes. Well done OFCOM, you useless self serving quango.

  • Teefenn1
  • over 3 years ago

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