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East Riding of Yorkshire signs £5.4m deal to help more

Another council has signed up with BT for its superfast extension project, East Riding of Yorkshire is looking to roll-out superfast broadband to another 4,500 premises by December 2017 using a further £5.4m of investment.

The breakdown for the extension scheme is £5m from the central BDUK fund with BT stumping up the rest, and hopefully given the low number of premises they are aiming for the extension work will use a lot of FTTP.

The existing project claims to have helped some 38,000 properties get access to superfast broadband at 24 Mbps and faster and our own tracking data as we attempt to ensure PR around the BDUK roll-outs is sanity checked shows some 36,000 premises covered since September 2014. Unfortunately as the East Riding of Yorkshire also has some sizeable chunks of KC footprint in terms of the number of premises in it, the percentage coverage is less impressive rising from 23% in September 2014 to the current 43.5% at 24 Mbps or faster (42.3% at 30 Mbps or faster is our preferred metric) and this includes 6.5% of FTTP which is down to KC. The figures are low as the KC FTTH heavy roll-out is slower than the BT FTTC based one.


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