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LA6B4RN seeking to bring Gigabit fibre to Cowan Bridge area

B4RN recently announced that it had connected 1,000 premises to its Gigabit FTTH network and now it seems some more villages are ready to join the Gigabit brigade as ISPreview reports.

The villages of Masongill, Ireby, Leck, Cowan Bridge and Overtown are part of the LA6BARN project that estimates funding of £60,000 will be needed for what looks to be around 400 to 500 premises. Work should commence this summer once some £30,000 has been raised to fund the purchase of the necessary materials.

The Openreach website lists the Cowan Bridge area as under review, with some cabinets on the Kirkby Lonsdale exchange already providing FTTC and the prospect of some Openreach FTTP on the way, in fact there are signs that Cowan Bridge had or has plans for FTTP via the Lancashire BDUK project, but that may change due to the Under Review status.

While the UK has very little FTTH deployed, the influence of B4RN is much larger than their share of the FTTH market at around 0.3% would suggest and this is due to the passion and absolute commitment of some key players in the project.


I think if you cared to visit B4RNland you would find there are hundreds of key players. I don't think the meeja world realizes just how committed people can be when they are doing something so worthwhile for themselves, their friends and family, or their community. All B4RN is doing is enabling people to help themselves. Its a bit like the loaves and fishes, and its spreading because it can.

  • cyberdoyle
  • over 4 years ago

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