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EE creates action cam with SIM card slot to showcase 4G

EE has entered a market that appears unusual for a mobile operator and that is the action cam, so you can stream live your epic encounter with a shark, or just your daily commute, some interesting copyright issues may arise if people start streaming concerts live too.

GoPro cameras are the normal go to brand, but none have a 4G SIM card slot allowing you to stream directly from the camera and another innovation is a wrist watch that comes with the camera to allow to control the device and works as a live viewfinder.

Price plans during the launch period phase will vary from a free camera with an extra £10 on top of your existing mobile phone plan and share the data allowance on your existing plan. A pay monthly option where the camera costs £49.99 and options for a 2GB through to a 10GB plan are available, or if pay as you go appeals the camera on its own is £299.99 (bundles with 2GB data) or £399.99 with a 24GB data bundle.

The camera appears to stream video via a new video sharing app called skeegle and there is no information on whether any other upload options are available e.g. to stream other online streaming services. The camera features 64GB of built-in storage that is used for recording 1080p footage, with the maximum streaming resolution being 720p. If that stream is running at 2 Mbps that will use around 1GB of data per hour, there is likely to be various quality options available, so exact data use will depend on how the encoding is handled by the camera. Though no matter what settings you use it would be expensive to use one of these cameras to recreate SpringWatch in your own back garden.

A reminder too that the 100GB data of free 4G data SIM offer is still running over at EE, you simply need to order the special edition SIM and top up with a £10 1GB data pack. The competition to win Glastonbury tickets finished at the end of May.


It seems that EE is floating the idea of 100GB plans in the future, by 'testing the water' with the price point rising from £0 to £10, perhaps if they do it at Christmas again it will be £15/£20.

2-10GB is not enough for streaming HD.

  • otester
  • over 3 years ago

they also did an advertising feature, climbing the arch over Wembley

  • ggremlin
  • over 3 years ago

10gb Isnt enough for Youtube either.. Our teenage daughter destroys her 10gb Monthly allowance with ease.

  • Keyholder
  • over 3 years ago

Hmmmm.. methinks limits are going to have to go up or this isn't going to work.
Once EE have their 2600/800 spectrum rolled out and the network can then cope I expect to see all plans rise with the top end being 100 - 150GB.

@Keyholder Both my Daughters share my EE 10GB data and have been told in no uncertain terms that Youtube shall mostly be done over WiFi. Otherwise the cash will be coming out of their savings or they need to get a job.
They have complied with this rule! : )

  • ahockings
  • over 3 years ago

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