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BT Sport launches ultra HD channel and new European football coverage

BT Sport is the marmite of the broadband world, either you love it or hate it and see it as a distraction from the old fashioned core product of phone and broadband. BT Sport is now starting its third season and while BT broadband customers will still get the chance to watch live Barclays Premier League football in the mobile apps or on Sky TV for free, those wanting the new full line-up including comprising BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, ESPN on BT Sport and the new BT Sport Europe channel which will offer UEFA Champions Leage and Europa League will need to pay a £5 per month subscription.

Platform BT Sport Pack BT Sport Lite
BT Broadband customer on app £5 per month FREE
BT Broadband customer on Sky £5 per month FREE
Channel Only on Sky Satellite TV £13.50 per month (pricing for 15/16 yet to be announced) Not available
Mobile Only £5 FREE

In August BT will launch the fibre Ultra HD (4K) channel in Europe which will only be available to BT Infinity customers and will include a new YouView box with double the storage. The extra bandwidth needed for 4K streaming explains why BT Retail has for some years insisted that those with slow speed estimates on FTTC are not sold Infinity, but a differently named product even though it still uses FTTC. For those keen to get some 4K sport content there is a pre-registration page for more information.

Existing BT Broadband customers may need to agree to a new contract to qualify for the free and £5 prices, so if you do have BT Sport now check what the contract terms will be when offered an upgrade.

It will be interesting to see the feedback on the Ultra HD channel once launched, as if FTTC that is running at 25 Mbps can safely stream Ultra HD quality content it will disappoint the critics who call the FTTC roll-out short sighted and no good for 4K streaming.


So if someone on a upto 25Mbps package has streaming ultra HD, how much is left for the rest of the family for their usage? Many homes now have multiple gadgets using the connection at the same time, and the biggest complaint is that the tv is killing the connection. The more uses people find the more they need. And if you are stuck with a mediocre connection then that is that. You are stuck on it for infinity.

  • cyberdoyle
  • over 3 years ago

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