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Hyperfast broadband for boats in London's South Dock marina

Hyperoptic specialises in Gigabit broadband for flats and apartments, but for the residents of the London South Dock marina they have fortunately branched out and installed fibre to the communications hub at the marina and CAT5e cabling to the 200 or so berths.

The result is that some 150 berths in South Dock and 50 in Greenland Dock now have access to the range of packages Hyperoptic offer.

"Mobile signals are flaky on a steel hulled Dutch barge and teens quickly exhaust data plans. The dock is on the opposite side of the river for Canary Wharf but lacked its data infrastructure. Having a high-speed fibre solution to the pontoon means we have better broadband than a lot of people in the UK have in their houses.

Stephen Waddington, Resident, Greenland Dock

Given the problems with 3G and 4G and modern life making a decent Internet connection more and more critical it is not surprising to hear that already 50% of residents have ordered a service over the Hyperoptic infrastructure.


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