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Free broadband and £75 cashback from Plusnet

The only way that free unlimited broadband can be improved upon is when they also hand over £75 to sweeten the deal, and PlusNet is doing precisely that with its latest ADSL2+ offer that runs until 5th May 2015.

New customers signing up to the unlimited ADSL2+ service will get free broadband for the 12 months of the contract irrespective of whether in a low cost area or not, then after 12 months the standard price of £9.99 a month or in rural areas £17.49 will apply.

Voice line rental at £15.95 per month applies which includes free weekend calls to UK landlines. Cashback must be claimed within two months of the service going live.


Obviously a great deal and nice to see it's available in all areas for a change.

  • astateoftrance
  • over 5 years ago

Yes indeed it is about time and good to see the PN offer is available to potential customers in "high cost areas" for a change, of course BTr's Offers of the month/s already apply to all regardless what area/exchange the user's line is connected to, if I'm not mistaken!

  • 21again
  • over 5 years ago

But does Plusnet look after its longstanding existing customers

  • peterjukes
  • over 5 years ago

Am I correct in reading this as the ability to claim claim back the cost of 5 months line rental if you switch to Plusnet "from" BT? Is this why take up of BDUK-funded "superfast" is so low? And does Plusnet count against the BDUK performance figures, including for the clawback of state aid.

  • PhilipVirgo
  • over 5 years ago

It looks like they are possibly offering this for customers that can only get ADSL/ADSL Max as well (I'm a Plusnet customer and my Tel Ex is ADSL Max, but I put in my postcode as if I did not have a phone line - it came up with the same offer)

  • Shempz
  • over 5 years ago

Not cheap. After 12 months, over £8 dearer than I pay on Market 1 with no tie-in, though I expect the £6 line rental I pay makes the difference.

  • professor973
  • over 5 years ago

@PhilipVirgo - BDUK is at wholesale level not retail so PlusNet customers count just the same as any other provider using BT wholesale.

  • ian72
  • over 5 years ago

@philipvirgo Current PlusNet fibre offer is six months free broadband and at various times does also have cashback offers running.

Take-up is largely a factor of time and how well the arrival is publicised in an area.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 5 years ago

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