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Cotswold Broadband closer to starting work in West Oxfordshire

Back in May 2014 West Oxfordshire District Council elected to choose Cotswold Broadband to work on an infrastructure project to build a mixed FTTH/Fixed Wireless network to cover the remaining properties that had missed out on superfast broadband as part of the much larger Superfast Oxfordshire project (90% fibre based as a target, our figures suggest 81.9% fibre, 75.5% superfast currently)

Cotswold Broadband has now identified that the number of premises the new project will serve is around 6,100 up from previous estimates of 5,839 because of apparently BT servicing fewer premises than initially planned.

Actual ground work for project is expected to start in August or September, though this looks to be dependent on final contract negotiations with BDUK over the £1.6m of Westminster money. A clearer timeline should emerge in time and we look forward to receiving the coverage list of postcodes, so we can add it to our local resource and maps sites.

As of 2rd April the superfast coverage in West Oxfordshire District Council area was 69.7% of premises, with 81.6% able to access a fibre based service (the difference in figures is down performance variation of VDSL2 over distance) which when combined with existing ADSL coverage means around 3.6% can expect to be under 2 Mbps and 12.9% with access to speeds under 5 Mbps. As the main Oxfordshire project has not finished these figures should continue to improve until that project completes.

Cotswold Broadband is planning to act simply as the wholesale network provider, relying on retail providers to buy the service and deal with end-users. This means we cannot talk about pricing until we know which retailers are on-board and they have set their prices.


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