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£50 cashback and free Plusnet ADSL2+ for 12 months

Plusnet has a special offer running until 21st April 2015 of a £50 cashback cheque on its up to 17 Mbps ADSL2+ based broadband service. This cashback is in addition to the generous offer of free broadband for 12 months on an 18 month contract.

The previous offer saved you £7.49 per month, the full free broadband for 12 months improves on this and for those outside the low cost areas it is even better as they appear to qualify for the full 12 months of free broadband too.

Voice line rental at £15.95 per month is required, paying line rental annually reduces this cost to £12.99 per month but you then lose the inclusive weekend calls facility.

Update 9am 9th April The offer has improved overnight to now be free broadband, rather than a £7.49 monthly saving for 12 months. If you prefer the shorter 12 month contract then this is still available 12 month contract, save £7.49/month and £50 cashback.


Yes, Lets saturate the network a bit more!

  • generallee94
  • over 5 years ago

I like ISP's where you pay a little bit more but everyone pays the same price. You don't get the problems like this. More gateway problems anyone?

  • fabrettitd
  • over 5 years ago

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