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Pure Broadband to use CityFibre network in Hull area

With end-users using increasing amounts of data over their connections the expansion by Pure Broadband in Hull to replace their own existing network with connectivity on the fibre network provided by CityFibre.

"More and more residents and businesses are looking for an alternative to Hull’s incumbent operator and our services are a perfect high-speed option. By upgrading our backbone with dark fibre from CityFibre, we will be able to offer an even better broadband service to our existing customers as well as accelerating our customer acquisition programme in Hull.

Joe Tandey, operations director at Purebroadband

Pure Broadband is a wireless provider with prices starting at £15 per month for a 50GB allowance or £22.50 for unlimited from various masts across the Hull area and competes with KC.

Partnerships like this and connectivity for businesses and councils are key to the CityFibre strategy which concentrates on largely urban areas and once the incremental costs of rolling out FTTH to homes becomes low enough various areas (such as York - which is leading this final stage) will benefit. The acquisition of EE that is underway by the BT Group will of course be a blow if all EE mobile masts were to switch to BT based backhaul, but with Three acquiring O2 customers to become the largest UK mobile operator there should still be plenty of fibre needed as mobile data needs grow.

CityFibre is far from being the first metro-fibre network operator in the UK, but its aggressive strategy and aims for Gigabit cities sets it apart. The Gigabit part is what gets so many enthusiasts excited but enthusiasm may wane if the FTTH plans do not bear significant crops of fruit in the next year or two.


What sets Cityfibre apart is it's propensity for BS.

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