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Sky offering free broadband and TV for those signing up to Sky Movies

Most broadband providers and bundling operations totally ignore existing customers and while Sky does not always give all its best offers to existing customers, they have a new set of offers around their Sky Movies bundle.

  • For those totally new to Sky and signing up to a Sky Movies bundle you will pay £30/month for six months, then £38.50 and after the 12 month minimum term once the free unlimited ADSL2+ broadband and TV price offer expires the price is £53.50 per month. You also get the choice of a free 32" LG TV or a £100 M&S e-Voucher, Tesco Gift Card or Gift Certificate.
  • Existing Sky TV customers who do not already have broadband can upgrade to Sky Movies and pay just £8.50 extra for 6 months and also get 12 months free ADSL2+ unlimited broadband.
  • Existing Sky Movies customers who do not have broadband from Sky already can also get the 12 months free broadband offer.
  • If you already have Sky Broadband then the free broadband for upgrading to Sky Movies is not applicable, but always worth checking the account online in case you have an individual offer.

Any one signing up to a Sky Broadband package will also need to move the voice line rental to Sky, which is charged at £16.40 per month.

The exact model of the 32" LG TV is not known, but the cheapest LG models seem to be around £190 to £230 which makes choosing between the £100 vouchers or the free TV a little more complex.


The TV is a LY330C.

This is the link to the LG site.,-CIS

  • azrael316
  • over 5 years ago

Looks like a Hotel TV…

  • Danh_Gbwe
  • over 5 years ago

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