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Gigaclear to start roll-out in Welland Valley

The local nature of the campaigns and demand led nature of the roll-out is the key to the success of Gigaclear and the Gigabit broadband provider is now set to start the work of building its full fibre to the home network in the villages of Blaston, Bringhurst, Cranoe, Drayton, Glooston, Hallaton, Horninghold, Medbourne, Nevill Holt, Slawston and Stockerston in Leicestershire.

"I am delighted that Gigaclear has committed to bring its ultrafast fibre broadband to rural Leicestershire. The villages Gigaclear will be rolling out to include significant areas that are not part of any other commercial or subsidised plan. This investment will transform the connected lives of businesses and communities in some of the most rural parts of the County."

om Purnell, Assistant Chief Executive, Leicestershire County Council

No precise dates yet on when the first homes and businesses can expect to be live, but those in the area itself will be able to judge this a lot easier as they can follow the local dig. This roll-out will mean those premises are already satisfying the ultra-broadband broadband plan that is only a week old.


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