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North Yorkshire to gain Gigaclear FTTP service

Gigaclear is planning to build its Gigabit FTTP network to businesses and homes in two North Yorkshire villages, Cononley and Carleton.

"The passion and enthusiasm of the community and its champions has drawn us to Cononley and Carleton. We are proud to add North Yorkshire to the counties which will have access to the fastest broadband in the country. Our ultrafast download and upload speeds, coupled with a dedicated fibre connection to every home and business will transform the online experience for these North Yorkshire residents and businesses. Pure fibre broadband will give them the same or better work, play and entertainment capabilities as those who live in the most modern cities, meaning the best of both worlds: a truly beautiful rural environment and ultrafast, ultra-modern communications.

Matthew Hare, Chief Executive, Gigaclear

Yorkshire got a big mention in the Budget this week, with the snippet that more jobs have been created in Yorkshire than in France recently, and with Gigaclear hiring local staff the roll-out as well as bringing Gigabit options to people in the area they are also helping to boost the employment rates.


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