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Will Thus take BT to court?

The Register has an item on Thus possibly taking BT to court over uncompetitive broadband pricing.

One presumes they are talking about ADSL pricing, and whether it's to do with the BT IPstream wholesale pricing or the interconnect system that Thus have tried to get going is unclear. As The Register says, if Thus win a case there is the chance that BT have to pay Thus for lost revenue - also if Thus were to win there may be ramifications for the Wholesale pricing of services like BT IPstream.

The question is - which part of the market are Thus trying to compete in? The inference is the consumer end from the way that Tiscali and Freeserve are often mentioned in relation to this sort of article - the desire of Thus to provide affordable and high quality ADSL services to the mass market would seem more credible if they had a xDSL product in the business market, where the pricing is slightly less sensitive, since business's normally take into consideration other aspects of the package.


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