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£9.2 million contract to bring superfast to 10,000 more in Leicestershire

Leicestershire for its phase 1 BDUK project had a target of 96% with access to fibre based broadband (superfast figure would be nearer the national 90% target) and in line with other BDUK projects the county council has now signed its new phase 2 contract with BT.

With a contract valued at £9.2 million (£2.3m BT, £3.45m DCMS, £2m LLEP and £1.45m from the county council) the aim is to get superfast broadband to another 10,000 premises.

"The Superfast Leicestershire partnership has already made fibre broadband available to tens of thousands of homes and businesses across the county. This has transformed the way people use the internet, the services that local businesses are able to provide, and the way that everyone can learn online. We’re delighted to have been selected by the council to work with them to extend that reach even further in the coming years.

Steve Henderson, BT’s regional director for next generation access

A map is already up on the Leicestershire website giving a rough idea of how things will pan out, and at this time it is expected that areas like Frisby on the Wreake, Eastwell, Seagrave, Shawell, Lockington, Congerstone, and Orton-on-the-Hill will benefit from the extension project as well as some additional work in South Wigston, Stoney, Stanton, Blaby, Ullesthorpe and Burton on the Wolds.

The existing phase 1 project has so far delivered superfast broadband as an access option to 25,000 premises via 124 cabinets, and with our slide rule this means that coverage currently is as shown below:

thinkbroadband calculation of current fibre and superfast broadband coverage in Leicestershire - March 2015
Council % fibre based % superfast (>30 Mbps) % cable % Openreach FTTP
Blaby 86.4% 84.9% 34.6% 0%
Charnwood 80.3% 78.2% 56.7% 0%
City of Leicester 94.8% 94.4% 86.3% 0%
Harborough 63.5% 59.4% 18.9% 0%
Hinckley and Bosworth 85.3% 84.1% 64.1% 0%
Melton 77.1% 72.2% 56.6% 0%
North West Leicestershire 79.5% 74.7% 57.6% 0%
Oadby and Wigton 98.9% 98.3% 71.3% 0%

We should highlight that it is not a 96% target figure for each area of Leicestershire, but a combined total, so some areas may not reach 96% in the first phase. The number of premises that the project was declared as helping was 55,000 (announced August 2013), so with the project not yet at the half way point there is still lots of people who will benefit from access to improved speeds.

The roll-out is expected to start for the phase 2 premises by the end of 2016 and finish by the end of 2018.


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