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Ofcom to carry out its second review of digital comms

Ofcom is starting its second Strategic Review of the Digital Communications Market some ten years after the previous review that laid the groundwork that resulted in launch of the TalkTalk LLU service and Openreach where equivalence of input for all providers is the key mantra.

Now in 2015 there is the opportunity to set out the framework for the next decade and ensure that key aims of Ofcom in the telecoms market to promote competition and investment continue to be the case. While the last six years have been the superfast years, Ofcom has already identified that how regulation works will influence the emergence of an ultra-fast market and importantly are there things that Ofcom can do to encourage more private investment beyond the two-thirds coverage line that was drawn in the sand by BT and Virgin Media some years ago so that post 2020 we do not have to repeat the whole BDUK process, or if we do it will be on a much smaller scale.

One interesting aspect of 2015 is that if the CityFibre TalkTalk/Sky FTTH trials are a resounding success and both providers are willing to invest we might in a few years have multiple local loop operators for TV/broadband/phone in a reasonable chunk of the UK.


An editorial adjustment is required:

"some tens years" ---> "some ten years"

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I have returned the errant 's' to my scrabble box.

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  • burakkucat
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