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Speed test results for February 2015

The daffodils are starting to appear and there is more sun as the long dark nights of winter finally recede, which means it is time to publish our speed test results for February 2015.

We have changed the format slightly this month as we have split out the ADSL2+ and fibre based solutions with the larger providers.

ADSL2+ Connection Speed Tests February 2015
Provider Median Download Mean Download Median Upload Mean Upload
All Providers 4.4 Mbps 7.4 Mbps 0.6 Mbps 0.8 Mbps
BT 4.8 Mbps 6 Mbps 0.4 Mbps 0.5 Mbps
Plusnet 5.5 Mbps 6.6 Mbps 0.5 Mbps 0.6 Mbps
Sky 6 Mbps 7.2 Mbps 0.8 Mbps 0.7 Mbps
TalkTalk 5.8 Mbps 6.7 Mbps 0.7 Mbps 0.6 Mbps
All Providers includes the main providers and tests from other operators offering ADSL2+

No big surprise to see Sky and TalkTalk doing well, they have their ADSL2+ LLU network, whereas BT is still selling an up to 8 Mbps (ADSL) in the more rural parts of the UK. The fact that PlusNet charge extra in this areas means we are less likely to see so many deeply rural PlusNet customers.

Fibre Based Connection Speed Tests February 2015
Provider Median Download Mean Download Median Upload Mean Upload
FTTC Overall (excludes Virgin Media) 32.2 Mbps 33.2 Mbps 8 Mbps 8.8 Mbps
BT 33.9 Mbps 34.7 Mbps 8.3 Mbps 9.1 Mbps
Plusnet 36.9 Mbps 38.4 Mbps 11.8 Mbps 11.3 Mbps
Sky 28.1 Mbps 27.9 Mbps 8 Mbps 7.8 Mbps
TalkTalk 31.7 Mbps 32.2 Mbps 1.8 Mbps 4.7 Mbps
Virgin Media 41.4 Mbps 50.2 Mbps 4.5 Mbps 5.4 Mbps
Each provider includes multiple products, so result will vary depending on popularity of speed/price points

The fact that the TalkTalk upload speeds are so low is because of their use of the up to 2 Mbps upload variant of GEA-FTTC for their £13.50 fibre based product. PlusNet does well because they provision their customers on the GEA-FTTC 80/20 product, but for the cheaper service only cap the download speeds to 40 Mbps.

Broadband Speeds February 2015 - Large Sample Size (ordered by median speed)
Provider Median Download Mean Download Median Upload Mean Upload % of tests at superfast speeds Speed of top 10%
Virgin Media 41.4 Mbps 50.2 Mbps 4.5 Mbps 5.4 Mbps 63.2% 106.7 Mbps
BT Consumer 16.3 Mbps 22.9 Mbps 3.7 Mbps 5.5 Mbps 33.4% 55.6 Mbps
Zen Internet 15.4 Mbps 26.4 Mbps 1.1 Mbps 5.8 Mbps 37.7% 71.3 Mbps
PlusNet 13.9 Mbps 22.4 Mbps 1.1 Mbps 5.9 Mbps 33.6% 57.9 Mbps
Sky 10.1 Mbps 14.8 Mbps 1 Mbps 4 Mbps 15.7% 34.8 Mbps
KC 8.7 Mbps 24.6 Mbps 0.8 Mbps 2.9 Mbps 22.8% 84.9 Mbps
TalkTalk 8.2 Mbps 14.2 Mbps 0.8 Mbps 1.9 Mbps 16.3% 36.9 Mbps
EE 7.6 Mbps 12.8 Mbps 34.3 Mbps 2.6 Mbps 13.4% 34.7 Mbps

When you read the large provider table in conjunction with the ADSL2+ and FTTC results you can see why BT Consumer do so well, and that is because of the proportion of fibre based customers, plus a few tests from people on GEA-FTTP where they've elected for the 200 or 300 Mbps download version will boost the mean a little more.

Broadband Speeds February 2015 - Reduced confidence due to smaller sample size
Provider Median Download Mean Download Median Upload Mean Upload % of tests at superfast speeds
Hyperoptic 92 Mbps 156.9 Mbps 72.7 Mbps 153.4 Mbps 80%
Wessex Internet 28.9 Mbps 29.6 Mbps 5.3 Mbps 9.7 Mbps 40.7%
AAISP 20.9 Mbps 27.4 Mbps 1.9 Mbps 6.4 Mbps 38.9%
EE/Orange Mobile 14.9 Mbps 17 Mbps 1.6 Mbps 3.4 Mbps 12.5%
Entanet 13.1 Mbps 24.5 Mbps 1.6 Mbps 11.2 Mbps 26.1%
IDNet 8.3 Mbps 17 Mbps 0.8 Mbps 3.8 Mbps 19.7%
T-Mobile 6.8 Mbps 13.2 Mbps 1 Mbps 2.6 Mbps 8.8%
Eclipse 6.2 Mbps 12.1 Mbps 0.7 Mbps 2.5 Mbps 15%
Demon Internet 6 Mbps 7.4 Mbps 0.7 Mbps 1.6 Mbps 0%
Daisy 5.7 Mbps 16.6 Mbps 0.7 Mbps 5 Mbps 13.3%
Three 5.4 Mbps 8.4 Mbps 1.5 Mbps 2.3 Mbps 5.2%
O2 Mobile 6.7 Mbps 10.4 Mbps 0.9 Mbps 2 Mbps 7.3%
Post Office 3 Mbps 3.7 Mbps 0.3 Mbps 0.4 Mbps 0%

Hyperoptic is likely to remain at the top of the speed tables for some years, so long as enough people keep testing for us to have some meaningful data or another FTTH/FTTB operator outgrows them. Their speeds have actually gone up this month and looks likely to be down to new developments coming on-stream and people snapping up the Gigabit option.

Wessex Internet is a new entrant and is a fixed wireless operator in unsurprisingly Wessex, Relish has dropped out of the table this month simply because not enough people have used the test and provided a postcode for us to be happy to publish the results.

In theory the maximum average speed for the UK if all those who had already bought a cable, FTTC or FTTH service had chosen the fastest product available to them works out at around 44 Mbps. If the take-up of FTTC was to dramatically increase to 50% of the current footprint we estimate the average download speed for the UK might hit 58 Mbps. The current download averages across the UK from our speed test observations are England 26.1 Mbps, Scotland 23.5 Mbps, Wales 20.3 Mbps and Northern Ireland 19.2 Mbps.


What are the results like from people with only ADSL1 connections available from their exchange?
I'm sure those endusers are still a sizeable minority:P

  • 21again
  • over 5 years ago

We can filter on that and see if the sample sizes are enough to show any trends over time.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 5 years ago

a lot of ADSL 1 plans are 448 upload speeds but are there that many ADSL 1 exchanges left (one is Moor where i am skipped ADSL 2 i think and whent to FTTC

well the ones who are more then 1 mile away from the exchange as a lot of the houses there are EO lines within the first mile there, but the moor exchange covers very bottom edge of Runcorn as well

  • leexgx
  • over 5 years ago

4-8% of households. Less once you include talktalk and sky llu but that is easy to filter

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 5 years ago

I am confused - not difficult at my age
The overall download speed results have BT faster than Plusnet but the results for FTTC and ADSL2+ show Plusnet as faster than BT

  • Oldjim
  • over 5 years ago

Probably a higher proportion of FTTC on BT than on Plusnet

  • gerarda
  • over 5 years ago

Are you seeing the mean / median download speeds for ADSL2+ dropping?

Logically, the faster areas tended to get fibre first, with the slower, rural places staying on ADSL2/2+.

If the 8 Meg to 20 Meg folk shift to fibre, the slowest remain, and the averages should drop.

  • camieabz
  • over 5 years ago

Hi Andrews staff
I am surprised to see the BT consumer result Median(50/50) dropping from16.4 to 16.1 over the month could it be x talk kicking in or the sample size over that month.

  • Blackmamba
  • over 5 years ago

Hi Andrew.
Correction not 16.1 but. 16.3

  • Blackmamba
  • over 5 years ago

A .1 variation when quating to 1 dp is noting to panic about

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 5 years ago

You may find ADSL speeds are not dropping, on many more urban exchanges, the outlying areas switched to fttc, while those of us close to the exchange with a 24m sync are EO and not getting an upgrade from either commercial or BDUK roll outs meaning its either fttc or 24m adsl2+ on my exchange.

  • rtho782
  • over 5 years ago

Hi rtho782
If you look at the latest advert from Andrews Staff you will see that the low results are starting to be removed (under 2 meg) and many are being removed as the Exchange goes 21 CN plus the switching to the group area codes on FTTC.

  • Blackmamba
  • over 5 years ago

@Blackmamba I'd be interested in how you reached those conclusions from the limited data posted in the latest set of information, which is NOT an advert.

The data for the deep rural is those that are NOT 21CN based still - you can have FTTC without 21CN at your copper exchange.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 5 years ago

Hi Andrew Staff
Yes I know that you can have FTTC without 21CN after driving to Copdock yesterday 250 miles to check on a line that was very close to the 2 meg.
The line was EO but now is on CAB 1 with FTTC but is 1.3 miles from Exchange and would get very low speeds hoping to get fibre to the village.

  • Blackmamba
  • over 5 years ago

Hi Andrew staff.
Just an update I did a speed test on the post code for future Referance on the above.

  • Blackmamba
  • over 5 years ago

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