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Edinburgh the next Gigabit city from CityFibre

150km of fibre is to be used to crown Edinburgh as the next Gigabit City in the race for business by CityFibre. The roll-out to the capital of Scotland is in partnership with Commsworld and will commence construction in the summer with the main customers at this time expected to be businesses, mobile operators and the public sector.

"CityFibre has gathered considerable pace in the last 12 months and we are delighted to be embarking on our biggest Gigabit City project yet, which underlines the scale of our ambition. With thriving financial, tech and media sectors, Edinburgh’s businesses are poised to take advantage of a digital head-start, providing them with a competitive advantage at home and abroad. We are seeing huge demand for ultra-fast connectivity and as we continue this shift to service based economies, a modern digital infrastructure could not be more critical to a city’s success."

Greg Mesch, CEO at CityFibre

Edinburgh of course already has access to extensive fibre networks from basic GEA-FTTC services through to expensive fibre optic leased lines, the difference CityFibre will make is to lower the cost of entry into the world of business fibre and with a network designed from scratch once the core business users on using it they can hopefully roll-out a FTTH network for a relatively small incremental cost.

York is the showcase for the final roll-out phase which will see Sky and TalkTalk retailing a FTTH service at up to Gigabit speeds and apparently construction is underway, so we just await news on the first homes connected and then the first live speed tests.

Our coverage analysis on Edinburgh shows that with 84% ultra-fast cable coverage, CityFibre will be going head to head with Virgin Media business and the Openreach GEA fibre network which extends superfast coverage to 92.7% of premises (93% fibre based). In Q4/2014 speed test results gave Edinburgh a mean download speed of 26.9 Mbps (4.1 Mbps upload) placing them 75th out of over 410 UK cities, local authorities and district councils that we are tracking.


Whilst these figures look good, it very much depends upon where you live in Edinburgh. On the outskirts we get downloads of around 4 Mbps and uploads of 0.6 with SKY - I believe BT customers are quite a bit lower (?) and no Virgin availability. To those that have shall it be given!

  • philbr
  • over 5 years ago

Agreed. In areas where there is no Virgin, the speeds are dire. FTTC is not rolled out quite as well as the average City speed tends to suggest, it literally Virgin propping that figure up. I get about 3.5 Mbps in an area that just isn't served by Virgin, only 3 miles from Princes St i.e. City Centre & there has been only one FTTC cabinet rolled out commercially nearby with Digital Scotland filling in the gaps and saying it won't be arriving until 2017!

Surely in a City (The Scottish capital no less) BT should not be receiving any Govt money to do this.

  • brusuth
  • over 5 years ago

That said I am very glad City Fibre are here to add some competition, even if initially no residential properties will see improvements. Hopefully HyperOptic will also announce a roll out in Edinburgh to do places like Western Harbour & Granton Harbour that BT & VM have abandoned.

  • brusuth
  • over 5 years ago

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