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£75 and £125 Sainbury's Gift Cards back on BT Consumer broadband

While there has been no price changes on the BT Consumer ADSL2+ and Infinity broadband products this week, they have brought back their £75 and £125 Sainsbury Gift Cards for new customers ordering online.

The Gift Cards are not the value highest ever, there was one offer period where the Infinity with TV packages commanded a £150 card, but the £125 offer on the fibre based YouView packages is still pretty close.

The gift cards at the £75 and £125 value are only available until the 2nd March 2015 and you need to claim the voucher online once your service has gone live. Voice line rental at the standard price of £16.99 applies to the products, though a line rental saver option is available.

The price after the minimum terms of 12 months will rise to the standard pricing, but many people find that if they are happy to sign another 12 month contract they can avoid paying the full standard price for some years. 12 months is a long time in the broadband world, so who knows what better offers from competitors may appear in a years time.


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