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More news on BT's Registration Scheme

In answer to some questions we put to Rebecca Webster of BT Wholesale, we have some more information about the forthcoming (1st July) new broadband demand tracker system that BT Wholesale plan to run.

Users will not be able to input data directly via the BT Wholesale website, any registrations must be via an ISP. This is an attempt to improve the conversion rate from interest to actual orders.

For those people running 'enable our exchange' campaigns there will be no input of data via BT Wholesale, they will have to co-operate with ISPs. This means that for the campaigns to be useful they will have to find co-operative ISPs and liase with them so that the data can be entered into the system.

The threshold levels that will be published allow for a mix of business and home users and the mixture is based around the current observed mixture of business/home subscriptions.

This is a big blow to people who've had campaigns running for some time, as their current data may be useless without going back to those interested and asking them to approach ISPs. The onus is moving very much to the ISPs for them to drive the demand now.


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