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£50 cashback for new Plusnet Unlimited Fibre customers

PlusNet has added the cashback sweetener to its unlimited fibre based broadband service for new customers again, £50 is waiting for new customers as a cheque if they sign up for the up to 38 Mbps download service.

The offer is on top of the existing £3.75/month for six months deal, with the price rising to £14.99/month for the remainder of the 18 month contract. Outside the large PlusNet low cost area the offer is £11.25/month rising to £22.49/month. Voice line rental at £15.95 per month is a requirement and includes free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines (line rental saver option available).

The cashback is available until 10th March 2015, or if you miss that the price offer has been extended and now runs until 31st March 2015.


I really get sick and tired of cash backs and "first six month" deals particularly for "new" customers. Even worse, why do PN have different prices for different areas in the 21st century? Marketing and common sense seem to be poles apart.

  • meldrew
  • over 6 years ago

The question of pricing comes up about once a week with PlusNet. PlusNet pass on savings that Ofcom allow BT to provide at wholesale level - they are one of the only ISPs that do. So, PlusNet have 2 different prices because BT do. BT do because of Ofcom. Other ISPs don't because they don't pass on the cheaper wholesale rates.

  • ian72
  • over 6 years ago

High time Ofcom decided there should be one UK wide market for Broadband. The penalty that many (most?) users suffer for being in Market 1 is ridiculous. Ofcom penalises users outside towns

  • 961a
  • over 6 years ago

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