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100,000 premises with Gigabit option from Hyperoptic

Hyperoptic has been growing and now its range of fibre to the home services are available to over 100,000 premises at over 1,000 locations across the UK.

"FTTH is the gold standard for broadband and we are committed to lead the charge to increase understanding and availability across the UK. Consumers deserve access to true fibre connectivity, which is now commonplace in other nations.

Broadband has become a utility that we cant live without – Brits are now doubling their broadband data usage year-on-year. Buyers and renters beware; check the speeds and offerings at homes before buying or moving in. Speed matters. Hyperoptic enabled homes are growing every day – making them more marketable because it’s indisputable that they can support the broadband usage requirements of today and tomorrow.

Dana Tobak, Managing Director, Hyperoptic

While Hyperoptic is best known for its presence in London, other areas where the service is live are Cardiff, Bristol, Reading, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. Installs at apartments in Sheffield, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle and Nottingham expanding the footprint even further.

Hyperoptic specialises in Fibre to the Building, where fibre is blown to the basement or each floor of a building and then Ethernet cable is used to run the service into each flat. Across Europe this style of deployment is a lot more common, helped by the much higher proportion of people living in apartment buildings.

When this 100,000 is combined with the 170,000 Openreach FTTP premises passed and the deployments from Gigaclear, IFNL and B4RN we are looking at the UK breaking the 1% barrier for FTTH/FTTP availability in the UK and thus should appear on the 2015 FTTH Council league tables.

Hyperoptic has previously declared a take-up rate of over 20% and we have chased for a more up to date figure and we have learnt that the take-up of Openreach native GEA-FTTP is at the 25,000 premises mark. Projects like B4RN have much higher take-up rates, but when you've probably helped with the trenching of the fibre duct you are a lot more likely to subscribe.


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