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Local politics may be over taking Fibre GarDen

Fibre GarDen in Garsdale and Dentdale is back in the news once more. Even though this RCBF project that might cost some £700,000 to deliver FTTP to hundreds of homes and businesses has been talked about for some years a decision to de-scope the area from the Connecting Cumbria project only took place in December 2014.

The latest news seems to be that this decision is being questioned and a re-evaluation will take place on 5th February. The worry is that the Fibre GarDen may not deliver, with worries over backhaul access being denied by Network Rail, but the project chairman claiming the backhaul is secure and with a new provider that is better than the last. The talk of a Connecting Cumbria fibre cabinet being installed in Dent is a worrying turn and questions need to be asked why when the rough footprint of Fibre GarDen has been known for so long, was this an act of a distant detached planner with a spreadsheet or a County Council/BT attempt further increase the political tension.

Worries over Fibre GarDen have been voiced by the Parish Councils previously. There has also been a FOI request to DEFRA from a fixed wireless operator who delivers superfast broadband in Cumbria.

We would hope that the FTTH network can go ahead and will run for many decades, as things stood in September 2014 pricing looked likely to be £45 per month for an unlimited 100 Mbps service, with a more basic 30 Mbps service for £25 with a 40GB usage limit.

We have looked for recent updates from Fibre GarDen which is a trading name of Digital Dales (UK) Ltd, but the twitter account and website are looking fairly dead at this time.


£650k for 580 properties is £1,120 each with 2/3 coming from the public purse. It gets worse if you consider just the 390 that will get superfast from FTTH but not FTTC.

An undignified scrap over public subsidies, as ever.

  • herdwick
  • over 6 years ago

The 'public purse' grants funds have to be less than 50%, so at least 50% will be funded by community investors. It's also worth noting that those who would get superfast from a BT solution must be close enough to an exchange to already get 8 Mb/s, whereas the majority of the community are on very slow 'broadband' or dial-up...

  • Garsdalian
  • over 6 years ago

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