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2 billion download and streaming requests on Sky TV platform

The last quarters results ending 31st December 2014 for Sky show that its broadband service added some 106,000 customers, compared to 75,000 in the previous quarter. The TV, broadband and phone operator also saw its highest number of new customers joining Sky for nine years with 204,000 new customers signing up to one or more services in the Sky product range. No doubt the free broadband and three months free NOW TV offers with Chromecast devices will have helped.

The statistics from the Sky On Demand platform where some 6.5 million Sky TV customers have their Sky set-top box connected to broadband show that for millions the real killer app appears to be the ability to watch TV and films when they want. 2 billion downloads or streams during 2014 is an impressive figure and works out at 60 requests per second, one key advantage of Sky on Demand is that programmes download to the set-top box hard drive rather than streaming, which allows those slow broadband to download films and box-sets and watch without the worry of buffering with a little planning.

The continued appetite for TV and film content from the legal sources shows the demand for decent broadband is very much there and that while the UK is not broadband heaven clearly for many millions they are able to get it to work for them. The idea of the Internet being a user-generated nirvana though seems to be waning and almost justifies the emphasis on download speeds, with concern over upload speeds being a more niche concern.

We asked for a quick update on the York FTTP joint venture where Sky and TalkTalk are working with CityFibre and Sky let us know that work started on the 27th October 2014 and continues during 2015 with the aim of delivering Gigabit to homes and businesses.


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