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£45m of funding for Connecting Devon and Somerset

A flurry of growth announcements from the Government and regions are emerging and in many cases it is hard to tell the amounts of investment in broadband apart from other projects that Westminster hopes the growth fund via the Local Enterprise Partnerships will foster. Connecting Devon and Somerset has made it clear, an extra £7 million of funding has been agreed at a visit by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg who visited Lupimedia in Yeovil.

Update Friday 30th January CDS on twitter has replied to questions over what the 100% represents and has stated 100% superfast. Which means that if you live in Devon and Somerset it is just a case of when now.

The extra £7 million secures the £45m of funding so that the phase 2 BDUK project in Devon and Somerset can go ahead, the stated goal of which is to reach 95% availability of superfast broadband across the two counties. The phase 1 project with some £94m to spend (mixture of BT and public money) is aiming to hit a 90% superfast coverage target.

The press release on the CDS site is a little confusing as to what the goals are, since the Deputy Leader of Somerset County Council talks of "bring 100% broadband coverage to the area". In theory the work to deliver the 2 Mbps USC as part of phase 1 should resolve a basic service (cue roll-out of satellite vouchers), so it is wait and see time and to see what the tender process will actually deliver in terms of a contract.

The current fibre and superfast coverage situation as far as we can tell is:

thinkbroadband estimates of coverage in Devon and Somerset - January 2015
Authority % fibre based % superfast speeds (30 Mbps) % cable % Openreach FTTP
Overall 69.4% 57% 26.8% 0.4%
Bath and North East Somerset Unitary Authority 79% 76% 30% 0%
City of Plymouth Unitary Authority 98% 96.7% 90.1% 0%
Devon County 62.2% 53.3% 19% 1.1%
North Somerset Unitary Authority 70.7% 62.6% 20.4% 0%
Somerset County 58.6% 50.3% 4.4% 0%
Torbay Unitary Authority 88.7% 85.7% 45.9% 0%


Is the 38% excess costs identified by the NAO need to be added to this, or does BT just sit on the money?

  • ValueforMoney
  • over 6 years ago

It will be 100% homes passed, and the ones who proclaim they are still sub meg will be ignored. Millions of pounds will go into the statistics that will make it so. People won't be fobbed off with expensive satellites and will remain analogue, but the stats will say 'they can have it if they want', and because they don't want it then that will fuel another massively expensive campaign by the do gooders to 'raise awareness' of the benefits of superfast... and the game goes on. what a superfarce.

  • cyberdoyle
  • over 6 years ago

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