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Gigabit fibre for rural Northamptonshire villages almost live

Gigaclear is pushing on with its roll-out and the latest batch of villages to go live are West Haddon, Ravensthorpe, Guilsborough and Coton in Northamptonshire. For a picture of a frosty fibre cabinet take a look at the Gigaclear twitter account.

These villages are the start of a wider roll-out in Northamptonshire that should eventually cover some 4,000 premises and for the villages that have just gone live it should mean speeds jumping from around an average download of 5.5 Mbps (0.4 Mbps upload) to 147 Mbps down and 170 Mbps upload. The averages are lower than a Gigabit as people have a choice of 50, 100, 200 or 1000 Mbps products.

Update 6:20pm Looks like a busy day as another cabinet serving FTTP to premises in King's Cliffe and Apethorpe are also live.

Update 28th January While cabinets are in and network build well underway, Gigaclear has said that individual customers final fibre link into the network will start to be installed and tested in March.


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