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Where is this broadband registration scheme heading?

BT Wholesale would like everybody who want ADSL to register with ISPs and the ISP to then chase those people some period of time later. This means that service providers are going to have to keep track of people who aren't already customers. After the six weeks of obtaining enough orders, how is the ISP supposed to contact everyone? All of this takes time and money for each ISP and with ~180 ISPs reselling BTWholesale services there is bound to be lots of duplication.

One large concern that has not had much of an airing, is that the whole scheme is setup to work easier for someone like BT Retail? Most registrants will already be BT phone customers, so an extra field in the database isnt too much work, and it is not much extra work to add a leaflet to bills in an area when the six week race starts.

Up until now it wasnt really clear what advantage BT Group foresaw in using BT Retail as an ADSL provider to consumers - but perhaps now the jigsaw is slipping into place.


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