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£50, £75 and £100 New Year rewards on Virgin Media broadband

To celebrate the New Year Virgin Media has brought back the bill credit rewards on most of its broadband bundles.

For those chasing the nirvana of a broadband connection without being tied to also paying voice line rental, there is a £50 reward and free set-up on the 100 Mbps (£33.50 per month) and 152 Mbps (£41 per month) broadband only products.

The highest value reward of £100 is reserved for the Big Daddy and Big Kahuna bundles, which include 152 Mbps broadband, cable TV and a telephone line.


Why do I think this is all about Thinbroadband making money? Oh I've just realised because it is.

  • nervous
  • over 6 years ago

@nervous - I have a strong suspicion that any money made by the team from advertising/referrals is easily swallowed up by the hosting costs of running TBB. And even if it isn't, why shouldn't someone who is putting in lots of work make a little money? TBB don't seem to favour a particular ISP when running their offers so what is your problem?

  • ian72
  • over 6 years ago

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