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Ben Verwaayen Speaks

One of our forums users has had a reply to an email they sent to Ben Verwaayen yesterday - the full reply can be seen in the forums. Congratulations to D Powell for getting an answer.

Mr Verwaayen is correct in that now we have clear yardsticks to show how long people will have to wait for their exchange to be enabled - for many it seems it is going to be a long time. For the first time it lays out their economic criteria and how long they expect an exchange to run before it starts making real money for them.

At this stage though people have seen many hopes get shot down in flames and when they see the figure of 400 registrations required can cant see how they can do it. Realistically for a lot of towns the only hope now is extra assistance from places like local councils who want to encourage business's to move to an area via grants from EU and Development Agencies. Will we be seeing BT Wholesale themselves doing things to promote ADSL as a technology? Or will they sit back and let the various ISP's do it all?

The questions that need to be asked now are should the rollout of consumer broadband be allowed to continue un-aided by government, perhaps it's time for 'Broadband Britain' to be given a boost financially, not just to BT but other providers to encourage more rollout of affordable access.

Perhaps a new radical prize should be added to the national lottery, towns getting their exchange enabled when the STD code for the exchange appears in the lottery numbers. Could this be the re-generation of the National Lottery!


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