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Superfast Community Broadband for Mull, Iona and Argyll Isles

BT recently did the PR rounds with the impressive amount of undersea fibre delivered to various Scottish islands, and while in the Mull area Dervaig, Tobermory, Craignure and Lockdon are likely to benefit from a mixture of FTTC/P by the end of 2016 some areas islands would still be missing out. To resolve this a community led project GigaPlus Argyll (trading as GigaMull) has been setup to create a community-owned superfast wireless solution for Iona, Mull, Lismore, Luing, Colonsay, Jura, parts of Islay and the Craignish peninsula.

The aim is to deliver at least 24 Mbps and discussions between HIE and BT has led to the community footprint being de-scoped from the larger HIE project. The Scottish Government's Community Broadband scheme will be providing 89% of the funding (around £750,000). A shortlist of five contractors exists with the contract likely to be awarded in March 2015.


No really getting this-looking at the bio of most of the inhabitants, looks like a bunch of over 50's with too much time on their hands. Must be great to be able to bin SFBB funding from one source, only to receive 3/4 mill from another source. Unless they have wireless points everywhere (some sort of mesh), I reckon they will go for the white space BB idea-which was trialled on the nearby island of Bute, with mixed results (to say the least).

  • swansea04
  • over 6 years ago

wireless is more than capable for the job, i think you would need to add at least another zero to the end of that figure to run fibre around those locations. Mesh died many years ago, a lack of knowledge of current fixed wireless networking technology does not mean it will not work. The actual result will strongly depend on the experience and capability of the winning bidder.

  • kijoma
  • over 6 years ago

Jeez-just read the website-32km at 8Mb/secs!!
That'll be a lot of P-2-P parabolic dishes popping up!

  • swansea04
  • over 6 years ago

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