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BT releases a FAQ on the pre-registration scheme

On BT's website is a short FAQ that covers the new scheme.

Apparently the threshold levels are banded, starting at 200 registrations and rising to 500 in steps of 50, with the most common band as 400 user registrations.

We are finding that these registration levels look very high, if we assumed 250,000 ADSL users across 1115 exchanges that is currently only 224 ACTUAL users on each one. So under this new criteria it seems a lot of exchanges might not have got enabled. Of course the users arent spread evenly, even if all the users are spread around just half the actual exchanges it's still just 448 users per exchange.

It is this simple sort of figure that has caused people to just give up heart on ever getting DSL now - especially as campaigners are all too aware that interest expressed wont magically turn into orders over a 6 week period, it may actually take 6 months to turn the majority of registrations into actual orders. The levels that BT have set apparently allow them to be happy that any exchange enabled under the new scheme will break even after 3 years. So yes BT have to make a profit and without external financial assistance it's hard to see them breaking this 3 year rule.


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