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New Sky offers focused on TV bundles

For those who were chasing the fibre deals over at Sky it is too late, the offers ended on the 20th November and for now the Sky Fibre products are listing at their standard price. Even the basic ADSL2+ service only has a £50 M&S voucher with the standard £7.50 per month price.

The TV bundles are where savings are still possible, since all the TV packages are 25% off for 12 months, and if you order broadband at the same time it is half price for 12 months on the Original, Variety, Family and Sports Bundles. Broadband is free for 12 months when ordered with the Movies or Complete bundle. There is the additional sweetner of a £75 bill credit too. Of course voice line rental is required if you take the broadband service and line rental costs £16.40 per month.

The return of the unlimited ADSL2+ broadband to £7.50 per month, means the NOW TV and broadband packages are more attractive, you can get access to Sky Movies and the NOW TV Entertainment bundle for £15 per month plus line rental (price rises to £22.49 after minimum contract term of 12 months).

Sky does at least have a page of offers for existing customers and existing Sky TV customers who do not have broadband or the movies package can upgrade to Sky Movies and get 12 months free Sky Broadband Unlimited (ADSL2+) and pay £8.25 extra per month for the movies pack for six months and £16.50 per month for the next six months.


Bundles, bundles and bundles, that is all they think of these days. not all of use want flipping bundles but still do not want to pay a fortune for broadband.

  • zyborg47
  • over 6 years ago

I agree with zyborg47's comments about the bundles but the worst aspect is that companies like Sky refuse to sell broadband without one also taking their overpriced landline. That should be outlawed as anti-competitive. That said, I wouldn't take Sky's congested unreliable broadband if it were free.

  • Teefenn1
  • over 6 years ago

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