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Please sign up for ADSL only 399 more needed!

Will be the cry to be heard on street corners in towns with no ADSL soon. ZDnet has a piece on what BT is likely to announce later today. We have heard similar information about a registration scheme for potential ADSL customers.

ZDnet are saying that the Telco is thought to have identified 400 exchanges which they promise to enable once enough customers sign up to this new scheme. Whether this is 400 of the 500 exchanges under review or an additional 400 we currently do not know - the official BT press release should hopefully clarify this. The exact number of signups needed for each exchange is unclear, probably more than 200 though.

Of course a scheme like this will only work if the registration process is followed through and results in people signing up with ISP's once the exchange is enabled. People looking for ways to cheat the scheme may get an early exchange enabled but if the sign ups are very low after enabling on that exchange it would probably result in the dropping of the scheme or raising of the pass mark.


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