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KC increases prices, drops fastest product and no more unlimited

Following price changes in the Hull area for the incumbent KC we have updated our package listings and after trying a number of postcodes where people have recorded broadband speeds in excess of 100 Mbps we have come to the conclusion that KC has removed its fastest 350 Mbps FTTH service from its consumer package range and it also appears on Lightstream services the 10 Mbps upload is now just 5 Mbps.

The changes for consumers in Hull do not stop there, one improvement that many campaign for has been taken on board and that is that the voice line rental is included in the broadband price now for ADSL2+, FTTC or FTTH products. This has lifted the package prices significantly when you compare to the rest of the UK, but does avoid the need for people to mentally add the line rental before getting excited and signing up.

Overall though packages appear to have gone up by £1 to £2 with local press coverage saying that the price rises are due to rising usage by customers in the area. Another package that has vanished is the unlimited option at the top of each product range with ADSL2+ customers paying £45.99 per month for a 750GB allowance and Lightstream customers £50.99 for 1.5TB. Now while we are sure that providers will have the data to show that a very small percentage of customers do use this sort of data each month imposing limits of any sort may stunt what people attempt to do with their connections. For example a gamer who is a twitch addict in terms of broadcasting and watching other players will find their digital download habit both expensive when buying games and the double bubble of usage charges (for those not aware of twitch, you can broadcast video of yourself and your game while playing it). The entry level £31.99 service with a 35GB allowance is thrown into stark contract when you can get line rental and unlimited ADSL2+ broadband for £19.45 per month in 96% of the UK from TalkTalk and if you chase the special offers the price is even lower, there

KC in the Hull area are generally praised for their FTTH heavy roll-out, which is in contrast to the much larger Openreach roll-out, i.e. the ratios of FTTP to FTTC are reversed. Unfortunately it looks like a penalty of this is the usage allowances and more limited speed choice, fingers crossed the worries about users downloading lots are not in anyway a suggestion that core network capacity is an issue for KC as broadband usage is on an inexorably steep rise.


If I was in the Hull area I would switch to Quickline who offer a great unlimited service with no line rental cost,I average 24 meg down,which is not as fast a some may need but many people enough

  • maltrab
  • over 6 years ago

I looked at KC's packages the other week to see how they compare to rUK and thought they were a rip-off. Made me realise how lucky we are not to live in Hull.

However, including line rental in the prices is the way to go. No-one should be allowed to advertise a price you can't actually pay. Clearly a lot of the price we pay for line rental is actually paying for broadband, the headline prices are meaningless.

  • jrawle
  • over 6 years ago

No doubt for the majority of ADSL2+ exchanges and above, the costs are less than KC. But for those of us still on ADSL Max only and Market 1 areas, unless I have things very wrong, then KC offer a better service for the price. Leconfield exchange is only 8Mbs max, and line rental plus broadband via, for example Plusnet, comes to more then KC.

  • davenew
  • over 6 years ago

The number of ADSL Max only exchanges will feel high, but only 4% of the population don't have access to 1 or more LLU provider.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 6 years ago

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