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1Mbps Service for £35 a month.

Just one catch - it is only available to BlueYonder Cable Modem service users - see their web page here.

The service is the official launch of Telewests 1Mbps service after the trials in Scotland. Pricing is £35/month if you take other Telewest services, or £39.99 if you dont take the basic Telewest Cable TV/Phone package.

It will be interesting to see what the take up of the service is like and whether it will purely attract users who find that they need more GB's per day bandwidth or those looking for their occassional downloads to be faster. At this price we may see all the heavy users on it which could have implications for the contention levels in the local area - which could then result in the eventual irony of the price going up or bandwidth metering getting introduced.

It is worth noting that Telewest assure us that they manage the local contention ratios to ensure that contention isn't an issue, so a few heavy users shouldnt spoil things for everyone.


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