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Slow broadband at home, pop along to a public building for free Wi-Fi

The SuperConnected Cities scheme was setup with £150m of funding originally to create islands of hyperfast connectivity in various cities, something that it is possible to argue is happening via commercial solutions now, though this may be partially helped by the business broadband voucher scheme. The flagship SuperConnected scheme is also aiming to deliver more free public Wi-Fi and the DCMS has announced that some 1,000 public buildings including libraries, museums, civic centres, transport hubs and sporting complexes will be up and running by March 2015.

While free public Wi-Fi may just mean more tweets and facebook status updates to some, with the increasing importance of broadband having access in various public buildings is important as it can help those who suddenly find themselves without broadband at home. Though of course there is the caution that you should never do online banking and other secure transactions across an open Wi-Fi service. Utilising a VPN to encrypt your data is the standard solution to the open nature of the Wi-Fi services and hopefully the landing pages for the free Wi-Fi will carry appropriate guidance. The Cloud has a short guide on Wi-Fi risks and how to minimise the dangers.

The Natural History Museum has already announced on its twitter feed that it now has a free Wi-Fi network throughout its South Kensington building, with free Wi-Fi having started to appear in 2011 in various bits of the building.


well *exactly* how free is it?? do you need to hand over all your details, so they can clog your email with spam, as well as using a logon site, that many older systems will not work with??

will the people maintaining it make sure there is a good signal ?? my local pub has *real free* wifi, BUT he recently moved the router, so the signal level went so bad I dont bother any more.. :(
another pub somehow has TWO wifi signals on the same channel, and no-one knows what I am talking about, their laptops work ok, but not my phone... :( :(

  • comnut
  • over 6 years ago

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